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Hello to all our fabulous residents!

We want to take a minute to update you on our revised procedures during the Covid-19 Pandemic. In following suit with government recommendations, we want to limit the possible transfer of the coronavirus. The best way we could do this is by taking the following measures:

- We are taking work order repair requests on a case-by-case basis. Only urgent or emergency requests will be immediately dispatched. All non-essential requests will be held temporarily and dispatched after things settle down. When submitting an urgent work order, please notate if anyone in your household has been or is currently sick so that our vendor can be prepared to protect themselves.

Further in regard to repairs, we are allowing vendors to not stay in a property to make a repair if any occupant shows any flu-like symptoms. The vendors have families they go home to and we want to keep them safe as well. If you have non-essential repairs to make, we may allow or request a postponement of that repair. If there is a critical repair to take place, we will have no option but to enter and handle it asap. If you need to have a repair done, but do not want to interact with the vendor, please make arrangements with the vendor to allow them access in your absence.

- We are requesting our vendors wash their hands before and after each property they visit as well as use hand sanitizer as often as needed.

We do want to help protect you and your home. These steps should help.

Also, we have been made aware of possible reduced hours or layoffs. If this has happened to you, we want to encourage you to reach out to possible relief resources or charities to help with payment assistance. In the past we have seen organizations such as churches, industry organizations, government programs, and non-profit charities which all have helped other residents get through tough times. If you wait until the rent is due, the assistance programs will not have time to process your request and still make your rent payment on time. We are contractually bound to operate to standard protocol until it is mandated to do otherwise. Landlords who own the properties you live in still have to pay mortgages, HOAs, taxes, etc. and our contracts with them require we do so. We are all being impacted by this virus and we want to help however we can. If we can try to help in any other way, please feel free to reach out to us!

Rebecca McNicholas-Kelly

Peg Langen 

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